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Small Business Advantage

The Small Business Advantge

You don’t have to be a large pharmacy to take advantage of working with DTR Medical.

An ever-changing pharmaceutical marketplace demands an effective personalized solution. That’s why privately-owned DTR Medical offers independent pharmacies an alternative to large, inflexible, and complicated wholesalers. We’re a niche within a niche. We don’t offer same-day delivery in the same way most wholesalers do. Instead, we create relationships with our customers and our vendors to make sure you get a good deal on a broad spectrum of great products.

We Know Prices Change Constantly

We know you fight to get the best price. We know prices change constantly and we’re not here to replace your large wholesaler. Large wholesalers and pharmaceutical malls don’t have the nimbleness like we do. Instead, we create opportunities to save through relationship building and lower price points whenever we can. We offer the comforts of online convenience, a wide variety of inventory in stock, and personalized customer service.

Our customers know us. We pick up the phone when you call. If we’re not picking up the phone, we’re personally packing your products so you receive them when you need them. We offer exposure to pricing and service you may not be used to. Get to know us as an alternative vendor for competitively-priced generic and brand name pharmaceuticals. Our reliability is second to none. Talk to us today about what we can do for you!

"DTR is a small company that has the personal touch - a professional service from two friendly guys willing to go the extra mile for customers!"

J. Cincotta

Rogers Pharmacy

"Exceptional, reliable, no-nonsense service with a friendly smile to boot!”

A. Chan

Panther Valley Pharmacy
New Jersey




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